About PJ

Hi, I’m PJ.A peak in side my brain

Here are some quick “facts” about me and what this blog is about.

Fist of all I do NOT sell anything and I don’t make any income from this blog or the internet. The blog basically a clearinghouse for my brain. A place to sort out my ideas. There is so much information out there. And so much of it is BS.  I have started using Carl Sagan’s Baloney Detection Kit as much as possible to keep my head from spinning.  As for me:

  • Very Happy (even when I’m depressed)
  • Married
  • Atheist or maybe Pantheist (not sure)
  • Skeptic (former cynic)
  • Passionate about Physics/Astronomy/Neuroscience/Evolution
  • Heroes include:Carl Sagan/George Carlin/Siddhartha/my husband♥
  • Congenital heart defect/partially blind/chronic migraines/bi-polar/CFS/FMS/ME + much more
  • Been brought back from the dead (after 40 min.)
  • Practice Zazen meditation
  • Live comfortably below the poverty line
  • Warped Sense of Humor

Why did I create a blog? I am not an expert in anything. In fact I feel in many ways like a child or a coma patient that has been asleep for the last 45± years. A few of years ago, after going through a lot personal and physical trauma, I woke up. I had an epiphany. I reached enlightenment. For more details of what I am babbling about read my post How does Consciousness Work? However you want to label it, I now see the world and the universe for what it really is.  It is so beautiful and so awe-inspiring that I can never ‘fall asleep’ again.  Ever since then I understand things that I only thought I always knew.  Those cliché statements people make.  “We are all connected.” I get it now.  So I read and learn everything I can about particle physics, astronomy, m-theory, unification field theory and evolution and I try to meditate.

I did NOT start meditating until after my “enlightenment”.  I started meditating to calm my mind so I could process all images that were falling into place.

So, why should you follow this blog? Why are you asking me? Think for yourself.


§ 3 Responses to About PJ

  • Hello P.J.,

    It was surely a surprise to see you have been visiting my site. We do have a lot in common and I´ve been writing my blog merely to keep track of my busy mind. Never thought someone would step by and actually take the time to read it. Anyway I like your blog too. Much of the topics are my favorite. Well I wish you all the best and I will definitely explore your blog.



  • jed says:

    your husband? i’m a guy who is working towards that. glad to see your blog.

  • Rita Friedman says:

    Dear PJ, I happened onto your site this morning. As nothing is coincidence in the universe, I can only assume that I was led to you to help you. Like you ,I woke up approximately 8yrs. ago. My journey,although not as physically challenging as yours, has been profound. It has led me to the study and practice of, religion,new age teachngs,kabbalah,quantum physics,kabbalah,DNA. You are on the right track but you are only at the tip of the iceberg ! Many of the physical symptoms you describe are simply energy manifesting and being trapped in areas of your body. There are ways to release them so that your body can heal(I work w/a number of people that have anything from MS to severe migraines). I also work with many that come to me after yrs of “studying” enlightenment but are still suffering and are unable to transcend. My life is amazing on ALL levels and is a reflection of The Universes/God’s Grace. I am not special,I am just like you. If I can do this,so can you. As for “happily living in poverty”,the universe wants to give you everything ! Only YOU prohibit it from coming to you by subconscious feelings of “unworthiness”. Allow me to give you some additional insights/information that will move you on your way. There are many simple things you can do that will make a profound difference in both your health and living conditions. I will work with you as long and often as you like. I will not charge you. All I ask is that you pass on the teachings and information to others. This is not just your evolution as you know, but it is the worlds ! Rita

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