A step towards solving the worlds water crisis?

August 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Fresh Drinking WaterAs a person who has spent most of my life living in the desert, the availability of drinking water is ever-present as a way of life. With dwindling fresh water supplies around the world, I am glad to see some progress is being made in the field of desalination.  If a few more smart people put their minds on the problem, it could be solved in no time.

“Today’s desalination plants are unlikely to solve our looming water crisis, however. That’s because they have their own unquenchable thirst- for energy. It’s needed to drive reverse osmosis (RO), the process in which salty water is forced at high pressure through a membrane that lets water molecules through but blocks the salt. But now a number of researchers and start-up companies think they have a more energy-efficient alternative, and it works by turning RO desalination on its head.” Read Full Story

via Add salt as required: the recipe for fresh water – tech – 18 August 2010 – New Scientist.


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