Energy Is Conserved (the history) (via viXra log)

August 11, 2010 § 1 Comment

Whether you agree with him or not, this is great time-line in the history of physics.  Philip Gibbs is fast becoming one of my favorite physics bloggers. Not because of his opinions, (I have no idea who’s opinion to believe.)but because of the detail of his explanations. I guess what I am saying is, he describes physics at a level I understand. He doesn’t write in technical jargon that only physicists can understand. And, he doesn’t dumb it down for the masses like… a couple of other guys I just decided not to name. (Because I like and respect them) 

“We have been discussion the law of conservation of energy in the context of classical general relativity. So far I have not been able to convince anyone here that the maths shows that energy is conserved. Lubos Motl and Matti Pitkanen have posted some contrary arguments on their blogs to add to the old one by Sean Carroll. We have also been trading points and counterpoint in the comments with Ervin Goldfain joining in, also in disagreement with m … Read More

via viXra log By Philip Gibbs


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