I Never Imagined by Bill Nye

August 5, 2010 § 2 Comments

Thank you Bill Nye the Science Guy. It is so hard to speak out against America’s heroes but lately they are talking as if they are bucking futnucks. I know it all comes down to money. They have “friends” who are heavily “invested” in the Constellation program. All their blustering about people losing jobs is just their way of saying “we are losing money”.

While Bill Nye does not bring up the money issue in his commentary (he is to classy for that), he does point out that NASA has not ended its manned space exploration program.

“I never imagined, not for a moment, that I would so strongly disagree with two of the world’s heroes, John Glenn and Neil Armstrong. As of this writing, these astronauts are opposed to key aspects of NASA’s new plan for space exploration. They, along with a few others, believe that the U.S. is ending its human (manned) space exploration. I cannot help but ask, have these opponents read the same documents that I have? Are we all talking about the same NASA?” Read full the full article

via Featured Commentary I Never Imagined by Bill Nye | SpaceNews.com.


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