On the subject of duh…

July 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sciene DailyIsn’t it wonderful when science catches up to what everybody already knew? I am referring to the recent study published by Association For Psychological Science. The study was cited in an article Science Daily June 30, 2010.  Is your left hand more motivated than your right hand? The article states in part:

Motivation doesn’t have to be conscious; your brain can decide how much it wants something without input from your conscious mind. Now a new study shows that both halves of your brain don’t even have to agree. Motivation can happen in one side of the brain at a time.

We all knew this right? Not necessarily the right brain, left brain stuff but, the conscious, subconscious stuff. Who didn’t know about the subconscious making decisions? Sometimes I think scientists are deliberately obtuse. That’s just a layman’s opinion. Read the article and judge for yourself. The right and left brain data is very interesting.


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